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{2009, 6, 8}

driver_entry for erlang linkedin drivers 11:30 はてなブックマーク - driver_entry for erlang linkedin drivers - weekend erlang programmer driver_entry for erlang linkedin drivers - weekend erlang programmer のブックマークコメント


int control(ErlDrvData drv_data, unsigned int command, char *buf, int len, char **rbuf, int rlen)

This is a special routine invoked with the erlang function port_control/3. It works a little like an "ioctl" for erlang drivers. The data given to port_control/3 arrives in buf and len. The driver may send data back, using *rbuf and rlen.

This is the fastest way of calling a driver and get a response. It won't make any context switch in the erlang emulator, and requires no message passing. It is suitable for calling C function to get faster execution, when erlang is too slow.

If the driver wants to return data, it should return it in rbuf. When control is called, *rbuf points to a default buffer of rlen bytes, which can be used to return data. Data is returned different depending on the port control flags (those that are set with set_port_control_flags).