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{2009, 11, 17}

CouchDBは中でプロセスプールを持っている 22:37 はてなブックマーク - CouchDBは中でプロセスプールを持っている - weekend erlang programmer CouchDBは中でプロセスプールを持っている - weekend erlang programmer のブックマークコメント


the reality is in between those two cases. CouchDB keeps a pool of couchjs processes running. When one of these processes finishes executing a task it does not terminate, but rather returns to an idle state and waits for the next command from Couch. When a _show/_list/_update call comes in, CouchDB grabs an idle couchjs, or spawns one if necessary. It loads the code that it wants executed and sends in the input data, then waits for a response.

Re: inner mechanics question